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Enzymatic Therapy Acidophilus Pearls

Enzymatic Therapy Acidophilus Pearls

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Enzymatic Therapy Acidophilus Pearls

Product Description

Size: 90 pearls
This formula offers a combination of Acidophilus and Bididiobacterium species to support the general wellness of the intestinal tract.

Client Evaluations

Update to original assessment from 9/20/08:
I implemented these pearls for a few years with excellent outcomes, but that has altered. (Please see my extra followup beneath)
Initial let me say that I know what Acidophilus is. But there is no reason that it will need to have any lactose, if ineed they do. I am not ALLERGIC to milk, only very sensitive to lactose, substantial difference. But there are persons out there with milk allergies, so this is necessary.
I don't know if this new labeling is a cover-your-butt legal thing or if there actually IS milk/lactose left in them, but I was made Extremely ill by them, read on:
I utilised to be able to take these pearls to balance out my IBS-D problems, but no more. This product will nevertheless work just fine for those with CONSTIPATION, it surely kept me in the bathroom for a number of nights, sicker than I've been in a extended time.
I have IBS-D accompanied by severe lactose intolerance.
The acidophilus pearls utilised to aid me a lot. I stopped utilizing them for a even though and had switched more than to their Probiotic Pearls, which are a great deal more pricey, but work beautifully for me and friends who have constipation, too. It appears I've 'sold' these to absolutely everyone I know with gut issues.
This time, I did not have twenty dollars and purchased the acidophlius pearls once more at only fourteen dollars with Subscribe and Save (which is less costly than they've ever been).
When the package came, I should have returned them as soon as I read the new labeling that stated that there could be MILK residue in them (that wasn't on the packaging ahead of), but I was so afraid of getting even sicker devoid of them, so I took them anyway.
I put down the very first couple days of difficulty to having run out for a couple of days. My diet program hadn't altered, it had to be the pearls. I stopped taking them after three days and the just after-affects continued for a further 4 days. I even went to the doctor to see if I had an infection and I didn't. I cannot take Immodium, so I just had to tough it out. What misery.
If you are working with probiotics for constipation, amazing, these should certainly help. For those of us utilizing them to support balance out a gut with IBS-D or lactose intolerance, go for the far more high-priced ones with out the acidophlius. I lost 8 pounds in 7 days in the worst achievable way.
The milk disclaimer should be on the net page and so I ought to be in a position to return these. I will be contacting Amazon and the manufacturer about it.
I did get in touch with the manufacturer and spoke to their medical rep. They use milk as the growth medium and there is a really little opportunity that some lactose will be present in the probiotics. Apparently I got a batch that did. I was asked to return them and received a complete refund rather speedily. They were really polite with me about it.
I am satisfied that the organization took care of this problem for me, though I am sorry it had to happen in the initially place, even though it was possibly just bad luck on my part (and poor judgement, I shouldn't have taken them immediately after reading the disclaimer). I hope that the item page will be updated to reflect that there is a opportunity that smaller amounts of milk can be present in the item.

These acidophilus pearls are effortless to shop, pack, and take. If you've recently taken a round of antibiotics, you Have to have to take acidophilus in some form to re-establish these friendly bacteria in your bowels. Do a Google search to obtain out why in detail. Not to be also graphic, they assist your method eradicate improved, plus acidophilus bacterium create B vitamins as by-items of their operate, a big benefit to your body and your common well being. Extremely recommended for acne sufferers and any one who has undergone antibiotic therapy. 1 other perk of this item: the pearls are specially developed to survive your digestive system's somewhat harsh atmosphere (most harsh: the powerful acids in the stomach itself) so that they can ultimately colonize in your bowel you cannot always be positive how substantially of the acidophilus in yogurt and other cultured dairy goods will survive the trip.

Product Capabilities

  • Acidophilus Pearls deliver more than 900% way more intact flora to the intestines
  • Pearls defend bacteriaagainst light, oxygen and lack of moisture
  • The only supplement with viable numbers of probiotic bacteria right after simulated gastric environment exposure

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